Audio Processor โดย DEVA


Maximizer - Digital MPX Processor


  • Full control of the MPX signal for a full and constant modulation
  • Excellent stereo separation
  • Adjustable clipping control
  • Regeneration of the 19 Khz pilot
  • Adjustable RDS and SCA inputs

"MAXIMIZER" is an MPX processor which is able to effectively and precisely control the amplitude of the signal before it is fed to the transmitter. The inclusion of a stereo enhancer after the processor will justify the addition of this component in the transmission chain.

The stereo enhancer should be inserted after the processor for maximum effect; this will, however, alter the stability of modulation defined by the processor. Another device is thus required to restrict this parameter between acceptable limits.

Whoever works with composite MPX signals will know only too well the sensitivity of the parameters involved; MAXIMIZER effectively controls amplitude (and therefore also modulation depth) without having any effect on the quality of the output signal.