Solidyne Digital Audio Processor 4 Bands

Audio Processor โดย Solidyne


4 Band Digital Audio Processor

Models for AM & FM


The Orion-462dsp is the processor that many AM and FM radios were looking for to enter to the digital era, still having little money. With the 462dsp an excellent audio quality is obtained, impossible to reach with standard analogical processing.

The coverage area of your radio, both in AM and FM, will be increased up to 50 %. The processor supports analogical balanced inputs and digital AES-3 inputs (optional). It has dual output: MPX out for FM transmitter and simultaneous balanced analog outputs for Internet streaming.

It has 30 memories to store your favorites processing programs (20 preset memories, factory adjusted to go immediately On-Air). All adjustments can be made, in few minutes, from the front panel, using a scrub wheel and following the instructions on the LCD panel.

You can assign a password to the system to avoid that somebody changes your adjustments. Also, the processor has a RS232 port to connect it to a computer for remotely commute the programs. The 462dsp replaces 10 audio processors, thus surpassing to many digital processors of greater cost.


Technical features
Blocks diagram description

Ten processing stages of the 462dsp replaces
10 audio processor units. They are:


1- SUBSONIC FILTER: Suppress audio frequencies below 25 Hz, to avoid distortion on the receivers.

2- EXPANDER: Increases the dynamic range of the program signal on the air, suppressing the background noise taken by the microphones.

3- GATED COMPRESSOR (AGC) Gated compressor with broadband range and slow action to maintain constant the level of audio. Free to your operators of the responsibility of continuously readjust the level of the faders!

4-PEAK SIMETRIZER Works based on Khann-Bonello criteria. It duplicates the radiated power for the human voice, avoiding the asymmetry produced by effect of the vocal cords characteristics.

5 - MULTIBAND COMPRESSOR: Operates in 4 bands, increasing the loudness perceived by ours ears. It grants strenght sensation and loud and solid sound quality.

6 - MULTIBAND LIMITERS This limiter acts over fast peaks, working in 4 bands to reach an inaudible action.

7 - 4 BANDS EQ: The audio equalizer works controlling the sound energy (not the level) to obtain an effect impossible to reach with conventional equalizers.

8 - DIGITAL STERO CODER: Our exclusive 16x oversampling technology gives the 462 a direct MPX link to the FM exciter. For the first time, the ear is not able to perceive the 0,003% distortion of the stereo coder. With 95 dB dynamic range and 65 dB channel separation, we guarantee a digital audio quality on-air.

9-SUPERMODULATION: This technique, created by Solidyne, is based on MPX processing, and allows to obtain up to 150% of audio signal in each stereo channel, but maintaining in 100% the deviation of the FM carrier.

10- Digital AES-3 In/Out Optional AES-3 digital Inputs and Outputs with simultaneouns analog output for IBOC and DRM digital FM transmission



Full DSP technology inside the 462


462dsp/ AM, four bands audio processor

This unit offers: One balanced stereo output (20 Hz - 15 KHz) for Internet streaming or Hi-Fi recordings, Two independent balanced mono outputs for A.M. transmission, with NRSC1 equalization and low-pass cutoff filter, commutable between 7,5 kHz & 5 kHz. Both A.M. outputs allow asymmetric modulation to increase the power and coberture of the emissions.

While the negative modulation keeps always at 100%, the positive one can vary digitally between 100% and 150%, controllable from LCD screen. The advanced asymmetric clipping system with double stage of Log clipping, an invention of Solidyne, allows to increase to the transmitted power. The 462dsp/AM fulfills standards NRSC-1 & NRSC-2 of spurious irradiation in A.M.