Solidyne Digital Audio Processor 5 Bands

Audio Processor โดย Solidyne


Solidyne 562dsp Evolution

Five band DSP digital audio processor

A state-of-the-art digital processor for AM & FM broadcasting


The processor 562dsp Evolution is the top-of-the- line of the famous Solidyne line of audio processors. We have applied in this unit our 40 years of experience developing audio processors for broadcasting, because we are the company with more experience in the field of the investigation and development of new technologies in processing.

The 562 is 100% digital, equipped with several DSP units (Digital Signal Processor) that have a total power of 3.200 MIPS (million calculations per second). But, which is more important, the 562 uses DSP of fourth generation, that eliminates the rough digital sound and annoying artifacts, characteristic of the digital processors of the present market. The unit uses converters of 24 bits @ 192 KHz and the processing is made at48 bits, to eliminate the "truncate error" that the audiophiles do not wish to listen... We recommend you to listen our Sound Demonstration (Menu at left).

You will verify that the 562dsp is the only FM processor that offers the crisp sound of the digital technology, bringing deep bass and high stereo definition, characteristics of the sound of hi-end Audiophile Audio Systems. 

The Solidyne 562dsp is the world only digital processor that brings your radio the audio quality of hi-end units for audiophiles…. Now with the 3D surround sound of SRS WOW



The stereo coder of the 562 DSP also was object of a new vision, different from the used by other great brands. In order to obtain those specifications, that will astonish your Radio engineers, and your own ears, we have chosen to create a new technology doing oversampling at 608 Khz, that allows us to send very high the overtones of the MPX process, being able to set the cutoff filters to 320 KHz (instead of conventional 53 KHz). It manages a perfect phase response with 75 dB channel separation and distortion below 0.003 %, free of alias and spurious components.


The 562 DSP has option for digital inputs and outputs (AES3). Also have MPX output and simultaneous analog balanced output for Internet streaming.

RDS generator is also an optional feature



The old problem of the humming due ground loops does not exist in our processors, because the MPX out is differential and provides 45 dB of hum cancellation.



Another facility that you will not find in any other processor is the MIC Start input. It allows that, whenever the microphones are opened, the 562 changes to a special processing program that allows obtaining the perfect processing for the voice of your speakers. At the same time, the RS232 / USB interface from PC, allows the air automation software controlling the 562 in order to change to one of the 30 stored programs that best fit the musical style. The best processing setting for Jazz is not the same that for Rock & Pop or promotional Ads..

An optional Ethernet input allows controlling the 562dsp from any point of your LAN network or directly connected to Internet



 Rear panel view of 562 DSP 


Internal View of 562dsp. A clear layout with plug in modules. Easy to add options.



Full signal and control are managed for 48 bits Texas Instruments DSP processors