3D Enhanced Stereo Bass reinforcement and Hi Bright


3D Enhanced Stereo
Bass reinforcement and Hi Bright


562dsp is the only broadcast processor in the world that has the license
of SRS Labs (California, USA), for its exclusive
system SRS WOW used in Cinema and
high performance recordings.
3D Surround Sound will distinguish your radio station among other radios.
Your radio will sound like the film "Star Wars"




How 562dsp & SRS WOW works?

The new processor 562dsp is able to generate three-dimensional sound spaces. Using the same technology used in the systems of virtual reality at the NASA or at the modern cinematography.

This audio enhancement feature immerse the listener into a new experience.

SRS WOW® accomplishes this by providing a panoramic three-dimensional audio image while increasing perceived bass response well beyond the low frequency limitations of the receiver's speakers.

FOCUS® - It expands the audio stereo image in the vertical plane; elevating the perceived height of the audio source (loudspeakers). As the value is increased, improves the "brightness" and "presence" of the sound.

3D WIDTH® - It expands the apparent size of the stereo image; the positioning of the sounds expands reaching an opening of 180 degrees without concerning the real separation of the loudspeakers. It places to the listener into the recordings studio or even into the scene. TruBass® - It increases the perception of the low frequencies beyond limits of the loudspeakers.
This technique recreates the perception of fundamental low frequency notes without using a subwoofer. Obtaining deep and powerful basses that extends up to one octave below the cut-off frequency of the loudspeakers. Surpassing the limitations of low frequencies that present the portable radios and headphones.