HX3400 8MHz to 6.4GHz Phase Detector

Phase Detector โดย Holzworth


The Holzworth HX3400 Phase Detector was designed with an emphasis on making phase noise measurements and to be used in analog phase locked loops where performance is a priority. The HX3400 uses a proprietary IF circuit that maintains optimal signal to noise ratio, improving the performance over standard phase detectors typically by 3dB to 6dB. The HX3400 Phase Detector helps take the guess work out of phase noise measurements with fully characterized and guaranteed performance. Holzworth products are 100% final performance tested for phase noise verification1.

Key Specifications and Features:

  • Operation from 8MHz to 6.4GHz
  • Phase Noise of -165 dBc/Hz
  • LO Power +13dBm
  • Proprietary IF Circuitry
  • High Carrier Suppression

Product Information