HX4920 24GHz Frequency Divider

Frequency Divider โดย Holzworth


The Holzworth HX4920 Frequency Divider is a digital divide-by-4 architecture covering input signals of 4GHz to 24GHz while maintaining signal integrity. The HX4920 also incorporates a low phase noise amplification circuit to maintain the phase noise of an RF signal at useable power levels. Originally designed to extend the phase noise measurement capability of the HA7062C Phase Noise Analyzer, the HX4920 exhibits a typical residual (additive) phase noise floor of -136dBc/Hz at 10GHz, 10kHz offset.

Key Specifications and Features:

  • Digital Divide-by-4 Architecture
  • 4GHz to 24GHz Input Range
  • 1GHz to 6GHz Output Range
  • 10GHz: -136dBc/Hz Residual Noise Floor
  • Maintains signal power levels
  • RoHS Compliant

Product Information