Analog STL โดย OMB


The MT/MR PLATINUM >1GHz is a high-performance Studio-to-Transmitter Link. It is made up of the 5W MT transmitter externally synthesized in 10MHz sub-bands with a step of 100KHz, and the MR  double conversion receiver, that is externally synthesized, too.

The MT is microprocessor controlled, and includes LCD display for the visualization of the most relevant transmission parameters (frequency (6-digit), forward and reflected power, modulation level), balanced Mono, Stereo (MPX). The MR receiver has the same visualization system as the transmitter. It includes balanced Mono and Stereo (MPX) outputs.



Frequency range: 1.5-1.7GHz in sub-bands factory preset                                                     

1517 - 1525MHz
1660 - 1670MHz
1700 - 1710MHz
(different ranges under request)


Modulation: FM, 75kHz peak deviation 

180K F3E mono
256K F3E stereo


Frequency tuning steps   



Mpx output frequency response    

15Hz-67kHz+0.1/-1.5dB                                                                                                                                                                                                   -6dB typ. at 100kHz
-20dB typ. at 125kHz


Output frequency response broadband monitor 

15Hz - 67kHz +0.1/-1.5dB
-3dB typ. at 125kHz
-6dB typ. at 160kHz


Mono/Stereo frequency response 

30Hz - 15kHz ±0.2dB


S/N ratio (30-20000Hz rms)  

Mono: >70dB (76dB typ.)
Stereo: >66dB (72dB typ.)
At 1kHz
Mono: ≤0.1% (0.03% typ.)
Stereo 1 channel: ≤0.1% (0.03% typ.)


Distortion (100% deviation)

From 30 to 7500Hz
Mono: ≤0.25% (0.12% typ.)
Stereo 1 channel: ≤0.30% (0.20% typ.)


Typical stereo separation      

>50dB (400 - 10000Hz)
>40dB (100 - 15000Hz)


Input and output lines   

Alarm, RF/LF disable, RF low fields,
RS232 for monitoring and control


Power supply requirements   

95 - 250VAC 50/60Hz
22 - 28VDC


Operating temperature range 

From 0 to 35ºC recommended
From -10 to 45ºC max.