Digital STL โดย OMB


The MT/MR QPSK 2+2 studio-to-transmitter link has been designed using the latest high quality digital signal transmission technology.

This system allows the transmission and reception of 2+2 Mbits/s data flows, so it is possible to send up to 4 independent audio signals (or two multiplexed audio signals) with higher quality than CD’s. Optionally it can be supplied with two AES-EBU inputs and two AES-EBU outputs, or with two AES-EBU inputs and four analog outputs.

The used modulation (QPSK) makes the link able to reach distances that analog links cannot. The system uses 3.5MHz bandwidth and it can be supplied in 300MHz sub-bands between 1,5 - 13GHz and 500mW output power (optionally 4W).