OMB SGP-WB Antennas

Antennas โดย OMB


The SGP-WB antenna is designed to maintain a continuous power of 3000W per element. This wide band antenna is made of stainless still, so it can work in extremely hard environmental conditions without changes in its technical features. It is only supplied as 4 or 6 bay system.



FREQUENCY RANGE         87,5 ~ 108MHz
IMPEDANCE                   50 Ω
MAX. POWER                 3000W
POLARIZATION              Circular
GAIN                              -1.5dB
INPUT CONNECTOR         7/8’’
WEIGHT                         9 Kg.
DIMENSIONS:                1520x1240x1150mm
MATERIAL                     Stainless Steel
TYPICAL V.S.W.R.          <1,4:1