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Radio Systems

DA-4x4b / DA-2x4b

Radio Systems’ DA-4x4b may be the best DA ever made. We've lowered the noise to a whisper at 102 dB below +4 dBm out with an internal toroidal transformer that dramatically reduces internal elec… more »
Radio Systems


Combining the best of two worlds - Radio Systems' famouse ultra low-noise and low-distortion Audio Distribution Amplifiers are now available with StudioHub+ connectivity. StudioHub+ provides ins… more »
Radio Systems


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Radio Systems


Radio Systems' DDA 1X8SH is our eight output AES/EBU digital distribution amplifier. Front panel input switching allows two digital inputs to be easily routed to the eight independent outputs. Fr… more »
Radio Systems


The Radio Systems model DDA/WC 4x4 is a professional quality digital distribution amplifier with four independent sections of four output AES/EBU distribution and six Word Clock outputs. The AES/EBU i… more »
Radio Systems


The Radio Systems model GEN - DDA/WC is a professional quality digital sync. generator with an integrated AES/EBU distribution amplifier and six Word Clock outputs. The two fully independent AES/EBU … more »


RA63b Distribution Amplifier     RA63S เป็น Amplifier ที่ออกแบบมาเพื่อขยายและกระจายสัญญาณเสียง โดยมี output มากถึง 8 Channel Mono และ 4 Channel Stereo ขั้วต่อเป็นทั้ง input และ  outp… more »


Distribution Amplifier RA163 The RA163 is an eight channel mono, or four channel stereo distribution amplifier designed for the contractor / install market. The outputs are designed to drive high-lev… more »